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For more than 25 years ARZUFFI company has been working in high vacuum coating systems field. ARZUFFI conquered a considerable part of the market thanks to his strong attention to market requests, becoming a well-known worldwide LEADER with more than 450 equipments installed as in the developed countries as in the emergent ones.

The main ARZUFFI company’s business consists in equipments in PVD and PECVD technology for metals deposition on all kind of surfaces, in both thermal evaporation and sputtering model.

A good ensemble team of researchers, technicians and proved skilled engineers work on designing and realizing equipments able to completely satisfy market requests reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving final product quality. These efforts have allowed ARZUFFI company to improve his customer retention also thanks to unique and custom made equipments.

ARZUFFI technology is developed respecting the environment, for this reason is largely considered impact free.

ARZUFFI company became a worldwide leader in equipments supplying for the automotive industry, all the time renowned as one of the most high level technology market. ARZUFFI technology is also largely applied to other industries: lighting, cosmetics, decorative, ceramic, special applications (leather and textiles), forniture and glass.

Company values

  • Prompt answer to international and local changeable market needs

  • Advanced and state-of-the-art technology with quality increase and costs reduction advantages

  • High flexibility and cooperation with the customer

  • High quality material
    and components

  • Prompt technical and engineering support, after-sales service

  • Environment respect thanks to “clean” technology

ARZUFFI’s “Research & Development department” engineers are continuously focused on new technologies and innovative projects, some of these are already running on ARZUFFI’s equipments as: Polycold in chamber for cycle time reduction, Medium Frequency (MF) applied to glow discharge and polymerization phases, NOS Treatment for chemical, thermic and dynamic stability of the substrate are the most important goals that we achieved along the years.

By cooperating with the best Italian companies of the sector, ARZUFFI company it’s capable of manufacturing completely automatized production systems: substrates loading + base coating + metallization + top protection coating + substrates unloading + packaging.

ARZUFFI company pays a lot of attention to customer support also through an important solution called remote connection that guarantees a 24 hours technical support. Besides are supplied spare parts and raw material for vacuum equipments.

On demand are made ordinary and extraordinary maintenances, services, trainings and up-grades also on other brand equipments guaranteeing professional competence and reliability.

Moreover is given support and assistance for process development, clean chambers and varnishing.