ADP, Advanced Deposition Process by Arzuffi

What is ADP?

ADP, acronym for Advanced Deposition Process, is the innovative process developed by Arzuffi company that improves the evaporation phase, triggering a plasma process in the high vacuum phase.

How does ADP work?

During standard evaporation processes, the injection of an inert gas into the vacuum chamber generates a uniform distribution of the gas. With ADP, the gas is electrically charged by specific generators during the evaporation phase and then ionized. The power generated causes the gas molecule to deviate, which begins to move at ultrasonic speed even in shadow areas where evaporation usually does not arrive. The ionized gas not only allows the deviation of the atoms and molecules of the evaporated material, usually Aluminum, but exponentially increases its speed; This phenomenon is evident from the fact that the entire evaporation tower is completely coated with the metal evaporated, reaching even areas usually in shadow during standard processes.

What are the advantages of ADP?

First of all, the ADP guarantees in-depth deposition of the metal evaporated, allowing optimal coverage even on parts with complicated geometries, deep parts and dark corners. A second advantage is that the ionized gas during the evaporation phase cleans the chamber more from not required gases, producing pieces with higher reflexivity as happens in a normal cycle of metallization.

What are the necessary conditions for the AM/KW Arzuffi system to install ADP?

The installation of the ADP involves software and hardware technical upgrades. There are two conditions that the equipment must have to receive the ADP:  the position of the MF cathodes inside the doors and the new trap design of the cryogenic pump. Arzuffi AM/KW systems manufactured in recent years meet these characteristics and therefore can receive this technology without any problem. The feasibility of the installation of the ADP on older equipment will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to know more about ADP and if you want to install this process on your Arzuffi evaporation machine, do not hesitate to contact us!