Sputtering system for household appliances and technological devices

The household appliances sold on the market today feature eye-catching details and aesthetic finishes that recall traditional chrome-plating. The same effects, however, can be achieved using PVD technologies that are widely applied to a wide range of items such as portholes, knobs, handles and lids.

Arzuffi cooperates with global companies dealing in high-vacuum metallization of household appliances and technological devices. Our machines produce functional and aesthetic finishes and coatings with almost limitless customization options.

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Household appliances

Arzuffi PVD systems have achieved great results in the field of household appliances thanks to their ability to treat both small and large pieces, such as:

  • Washing machine porthole doors;
  • Kitchen robots and coffee machines;
  • Household items.

Technological devices

We have extensive knowledge in coating treatments (anti-scratch, antifog, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, etc.) and in reactive sputtering processes, which are used to obtain coloured coatings, optically transparent/ semi-transparent surfaces and metallic shades. Items suitable for this treatment include: phones and mobile phones, headphones and earphones, PCs and computers.