Laboratory metallization and/or sputtering coating equipment

Test-Met is Arzuffi’s new series of high vacuum coating machinery, specially designed for laboratories, research and development (R&D), or small-scale sampling purposes. Characterized by an extremely compact structure and ease of use, these systems feature a minimalist design and are highly energy efficient.

They can perform a variety of processes, including evaporation coatings and/or magnetron sputtering, providing the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s specific needs in terms of chamber size and planetarium design.

Discover the complete range of Test-Met machinery for metal deposition in small-sized vacuum chambers. We are a national and international reference.


Chamber diameter: 700 mm

Chamber height: 650 mm

Maximum coating area: 650 mm x 480 mm h

Technology: thermal evaporation

Cycle time: 5-10 minutes

Total power installed: 29 kW



Chamber diameter: 700 mm

Chamber height: 650 mm

Maximum coating area: 650 mm x 400 mm h

Technology: sputtering

Cycle time: 5-10 minutes

Total power installed: 97kW


Compact and innovative machinery

Test-Met represents the ideal solution for small batches. We are referring to a system particularly demanded by multinational companies that, wanting to avoid stopping production with the consequent lowering in productivity and turnover, require a quick and easy solution to coat the samples of their products or to check the adhesion and/or the color of the laquers.

The model equipped with thermal evaporation (TEST-MET EV) is also employed to check whether the injected plastic parts are perfectly polished, as the metallization process with aluminum highlights any defects in the mold.

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