Metallization systems for the cosmetic industry

Metallization is widely used in the cosmetic industry for decorative purposes to enhance the appearance of the final product.  Arzuffi specializes in the manufacture and installation of custom designed, advanced systems employing high-vacuum surface coating technology.

Our solutions are ideal for metalizing perfume caps and bottles, mascara tubes, lipstick holders and a wide range of cosmetic containers. Metallization is ideal for adding a prestigious touch to make-up cases, jars and various types of cosmetic packaging in general, of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the use of PVD technology, we treat any kind of material, the most widespread being plastic and glass.

Customizing and metalizing the outer surface of cosmetic packaging is essential to make the product more appealing and attractive. In fact, in the cosmetic sector, this has become a method of conveying value, identity and distinctive characteristics to make a brand stand out among its competitors.

Metallization adds a decidedly scenographic and glamorous effect to any product, creating an unparalleled metallic, mirror-finish look.

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