Speed-Met: coating of large-sized objects

If you are looking for a standard, high-quality, fast-cycle metallization process, we highly recommend our Speed-Met high-vacuum coating system, fully customizable to ensure maximum productivity at lower production costs.

Speed-Met Single Planet is fitted with a single tool and is suitable for large-sized items. Ideal for producing top-quality finishes and coatings.

For more information on our high-vacuum PVD systems, do not hesitate to contact us. The solutions designed, developed and installed by Arzuffi employ plasma technology, an excellent green alternative to conventional chrome-plating processes.

Arzuffi exports its know-how to Italy and around the world.



Chamber size – Diameter: 1100 mm, Height: 1800 mm

Number of fixtures: 1

Fixture size: 960 mm

Useful coating height: 1600 mm

Layout (L x W x H): 6300 x 3200 x 2200 mm

Coating processes available: Ionic discharge, PECVD base coat and top coat (HMDSO), Thermal evaporation, sputtering / reactive sputtering, AHC (Arzuffi hard coat) – SiO2

Coating technology: medium frequency – Advanced Jet System (cryo trap) Advanced deposition process

Cycle time: 4 – 9 minutes


  • Designed for line production; minimizes storage costs
  • Flexible, compact and fast.