Industrial equipment for vacuum coating

Arzuffi specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art machinery employing PVD processes, also known as physical vapor deposition techniques. The solutions we offer on the market ensure a high level of productivity and maximum performance.

Our treatments are used for both decorative and technical applications; they modify the substrate surface to achieve aesthetic improvements and/or new functional properties. These find application in a variety of industries, including automotive, cosmetics, lighting, furniture, fashion, medical, gadgets, decoration, glass, and many others.

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Arzuffi is a leading company in the automotive industry, boasting a clientele that includes the biggest worldwide manufacturers of car lighting. Our equipment meets the quality standard required by OEM industrial groups, which choose our systems to produce such components as headlights and taillights, marker lights, light clusters, logos, radar covers and more.


We build machinery for thin film metal deposition that is highly requested in the lighting design industry, thanks to the high reflectivity of metals such as aluminum. The process is used to obtain decorative surfaces on a variety of components such as lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights, and LED spheres, as well as industrial products like reflectors and floodlights.


Arzuffi metallizing systems are used in the cosmetic industry and play an important role in the decoration of the product packaging. Our highly customized solutions are perfect to metallize packaging for make-up, skincare, hair-care and fragrances, giving to the product unique effects and aesthetic properties.


PVD technologies are employed in the fashion industry to add a sense of luxury, originality and elegance to accessories and fabrics. Some common applications are fashion accessories, metal components, leather goods, textiles, and footwear elements.


We collaborate with global brands of household appliances, offering green alternatives to chrome plating. The use of PVD in the appliance sector is a sophisticated and versatile way to boost performances, aesthetic appearance, and longevity of the products.


PVD technology offers countless coating possibilities using specific materials and techniques. We have provided significant contributions to furniture design projects by offering innovative solutions to coat components such as light switches, sockets, plaques, lamps, door handles, chairs, frames and so on.


PVD technologies allow you to experiment with chrome effects using metals, alloys, and additional processing gasses. Arzuffi offers versatile systems suitable for industrial design products with the ability to maintain the glossy, matte, satin, or brushed texture of the substrate.


The physical deposition of thin films is used in a variety of sectors, including medical applications for surgical devices, orthopedical prosthetics, and dentistry to achieve biocompatibility, mechanical resistance, and nontoxicity. Eyewear may also require this technology for impact- and scratch-resistant frames.


Metal plating can embellish glass products of a wide variety: alcoholic beverage bottles, perfumes, jars, pharmaceutical container and much more. To further assist the glass packaging industry, Arzuffi delivers manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.

Not just automotive

Over the years, Arzuffi has become a market leader in the automotive lighting sector, exceeding the technological standards imposed by the industry and collaborating with prestigious clients to develop cutting-edge technical solutions.

In addition to automotive, we are a point of reference for a wide range of industries such as cosmetic and glass packaging, thanks to the quality and efficiency of our equipment and our fully automated solutions.

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