Optical and medical

High-vacuum coatings for the optical and medical sector

Thin film deposition technology can be applied in multiple fields. The medical sector, for example, exploits the typical features of hard PVD coatings (mechanical strength and chemical agent resistance).

High-vacuum deposition technology is used to provide the required biocompatibility and non-toxic properties to a wide range of medical surgical instruments, including scissors, blades and scalpels.

Each medical sector has specific surface finish requirements, mainly surface hardness, corrosion resistance, resistance to industrial and household products and colouring. The fundamental requirements for coating medical devices are biocompatibility, cut resistance, wear resistance and bacteriostaticity.

PVD deposition is also widely used in the eyewear sector, in particular, in the production of eyeglass and sunglass frames.  Essential requirements in this sector include high hardness, as well as impact, scratch and sweat resistance.

Physical vapour deposition technology proves once again to be a green alternative to conventional galvanic coating and painting processes, ensuring high product quality and appealing aesthetic finishes.

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