Design objects

High-vacuum metallization of design objects

High-vacuum metallization offers architects, planners and designers the opportunity to create, experiment and play with limitless chromatic effects obtainable through PVD deposition of metals or metal alloys.

The coatings so obtained convey both aesthetic and functional properties such as surface hardness, abrasion resistance and wear resistance. Furthermore, the chromatic shades achieved through sputtering / reactive sputtering or thermal evaporation processes remain constant and unalterable over time.

Arzuffi’s high-vacuum systems – ideal for metalizing designer objects of various sizes and shapes – have numerous customization options to meet the customers’ needs and current production requirements. Designers can propose different versions of the same product thanks to the possibility of metalizing different surface textures (glossy, opaque, satin or brushed).

Metallization is used by the most renowned designer brands of home and kitchen design accessories to add a touch of glamour to the items in their catalogue. Also, metalizing is a sustainable technology and as such, perfectly reflects a growing commitment towards more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions using zero emission technologies.

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