Glass Packaging

Metallization systems for glass packaging

Limited editions, customized bottles and special packaging are an increasing trend in the Wines & Spirits industry and as such, producers are always on the lookout for increasingly daring packaging styles. Decorative metallization of glass surfaces proves to be an excellent choice in this respect.

Thanks to the high-vacuum metallization technology employed by Arzuffi, it is possible to obtain decorative coatings for a wide array of glass packaging solutions for high-end perfumery, cosmetics and the wine & spirits sector.

Thermal evaporation metallization/sputtering enables obtaining top-quality, highly reflective surfaces, which are subsequently coated with optically transparent or coloured paint overlays to protect the deposited film (usually aluminium), while increasing surface durability.

Arzuffi’s manual, semi-automatic or automatic equipment are a true revolution in the glass packaging industry. Among the other things, thanks to the introduction of fully automated metallizing lines into the glass industries, producer companies have seen their scrap rates drop significantly.

A visually appealing packaging design is essential for adding value to a broad range of products, such as wine bottles, perfume flacons and caps, cosmetic vials and beauty cream jars. PVD deposition offers a wide choice of aesthetic finishes, and it follows that flexibility and versatility are two key factors that all players in the supply chain should take into account.

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