PVD metallization for lighting fixtures

Lighting technology is a field of application where PVD metallization machinery is in high demand and widely used. It is not just a matter of embellishing the surface of a lamp; it involves applying an innovative, suitable and ecological treatment to the object’s surface.

Arzuffi metallization chambers accommodate numerous pieces with different shapes and sizes, such as lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights, light spheres and LED light spheres. At the industrial level, treated products include satellite dishes, floodlights, industrial reflectors and ceiling lights.

High-vacuum metallization technology is used for treating the surface of lighting fixtures to intensify and reflect the light produced by a luminous source, thus obtaining particular aesthetic effects. Metallization is also used for products designed for indoor and outdoor use that obviously require additional treatments to withstand atmospheric agents. Metallization enhances the substrate’s reflectivity and as such, enables reducing the amount of energy consumed by the lighting sources (bulbs or LEDs).

PVD coatings offer a wide array of colour possibilities, finishes and reflective coatings to suit any need, while providing the treated surface with electrical conduction and heat resistance properties. Coatings can be applied to plastic materials such as ABS or polypropylene, and to different kinds of metal (steel, aluminium, copper and zinc alloys).

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