PVD metallization for the furnishing industry

Arzuffi has developed numerous projects for the furnishing industry, in particular, metallization systems for coating the surfaces of furniture, walls or floors for decorative purposes and to add a touch of prestige to the room where they are located.

Our custom-designed systems can be used for high-vacuum metallization of a wide range of objects, including:


Furnishing items (e.g. chairs)


Handles and knobs


Mirrors and frames

PVD technology offers countless coating options to suit a wide variety of surface materials: just think about metals, metal alloys, plastic, glass and wood. It follows that the fields of application for this innovative and sustainable treatment are almost endless.

The deposition of an extremely thin film through high-vacuum metallization, adds shine and colour brilliance to the surface of any furnishing accessory, making it tougher, longer-lasting and more resistant to atmospheric agents, impacts and scratches.

PVD technology can also be used for applying a layer of precious metals to any object, creating new shades and reflections to keep up with the ever-evolving interior décor trends.

Are you a manufacturer of high-quality furnishing items? Contact us for information on our customizable high-vacuum chrome-plating systems. We operate throughout Italy and all over the world.