Sputtering technology for high-fashion accessories

Arzuffi’s patented PVD coating and painting technologies are widely renowned in the fashion sector owing to a continuous demand for particular effects, precious finishes, special materials and new colours.

More specifically, our machines are ideal for treating:


Leather and textiles


Clothing accessories (buttons and buckles)


Footwear and shoe heels




Eyewear (eyeglass frames)

Being an ever-evolving and ever-shifting industry, the ultimate goal of fashion has always been to impress its consumer audience anticipating and reflecting its taste preferences. However, there are some things that will never go out of style, such as eye-catching, sparkling, metalized and glossy finishes, whether it be textiles or accessories. Our systems use high – vacuum metallization coating technology and as such, represent the ultimate solution for achieving the desired effect.

Besides providing excellent aesthetic results, metalized surfaces are endowed with functional properties, such as mechanical strength and wear resistance.

As a worldwide reference point in the design, manufacture and on-site installation of metallization systems employing sputtering or thermal evaporation technology, our company meets the needs of clothing manufacturers that work hand in hand with stylists and fashion houses.

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