Revolutionizing surface performance with Arzuffi’s cutting-edge PECVD equipment

The world of surface treatments is witnessing a paradigm shift with the new Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) equipment developed by Arzuffi called Plasma-Cube. This breakthrough technology comes at a time when companies across various industries are seeking innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions for optimizing and enhancing the performance of their products. With a wide range of applications, including deep cleaning, degreasing, activation, and pre-treatment of surfaces, Arzuffi’s PECVD equipment is set to become the gold standard in the realm of surface treatments.

Arzuffi’s Plasma-Cube equipment addresses the growing demand for efficient cleaning and degreasing of metals, ensuring the highest quality standards in the industry. Furthermore, the revolutionary technology provides a much-needed solution for activating and pre-treating plastic surfaces, playing a critical role in improving the adhesion and durability of coatings. This, in turn, translates to better performance, longer-lasting products, and ultimately, satisfied customers.

In addition to deep cleaning and pre-treatment, Arzuffi’s PECVD equipment also offers an array of advanced applications that cater to the specific needs. The state-of-the-art technology allows for the modification of wettability, making hydrophilic and/or hydrophobic surfaces, sterilization of materials, and the creation of anti-sticking surfaces – all essential features that are highly sought after in today’s competitive market. With Arzuffi’s PECVD equipment, companies no longer must compromise on quality, functionality, or aesthetics.

Some examples? Anti-sticking treatments on o-rings, membranes, rubber gaskets and elastomers; valves, flow regulators and various components of industrial machines; anti-grease and oleophobic treatments to facilitate the cleaning of metals, plastics, ceramics and even optical lenses; activations and coatings to improve paintability, bondability and rubber/plastic and rubber/metal couplings; transparent anti-scratch treatments on plastic, for displays, lenses, sensors; hydrophobic treatments to prevent the permanence of the drop and the limescale deposit; hydrophilic treatments for antifog and reduce the energy consumption necessary for drying.

Don’t get left behind – equip your business with Arzuffi’s cutting-edge PECVD technology and set yourself apart in the market with unparalleled surface performance.