Arzuffi and P&P Group combine to create Europe’s leading PVD surface treatment group

Official statement – Dec. 15, 2023

Arzuffi and the P&P Group, consisting of Protec Surface Technologies and Protim, have decided to join forces, creating a new giant in the vacuum coating industry. The union of these three leading players, each with unique skills and specializations in their fields, promises to redefine the European landscape in machinery manufacturing and coating centers.

The synergy between Protec Surface Technologies, a leading supplier of PVD and PECVD coating equipment for decorative and functional applications, Protim, a leading coating center in Italy and Europe for decorative applications, and Arzuffi, which specializes in the design, construction, and sale of metallization and sputtering equipment, is set to create a center of innovative excellence in the vacuum coating industry, both nationally and internationally.

The union’s high industrial potential is validated by the investment of a major and emblazoned financial player: The Italian Strategy fund, the third private equity fund managed by Riello Investimenti SGR. The investment fund, has, through the P&P Group, in which it has been a majority shareholder since 2022, finalized the acquisition of Arzuffi also thanks to the entry into the Group’s capital of the Anima Alternative 1 fund, managed by Anima Alternative SGR S.p.A., as co-investor in the Italian Strategy fund itself.

The union of Arzuffi with P&P in order to create a pole of reference among the leaders in the PVD sector, offers the market a Group capable of offering an integrated portfolio of products and services, opening the door to a wide range of opportunities for growth and innovation in different market sectors. The companies, which have been successfully active for nearly three decades in a variety of sectors such as faucets, fashion accessories, costume jewelry, automotive, cosmetics, and household appliances, aim to continue their tradition of constantly striving for innovation in equipment and processes.

It is ingrained in the DNA of all three companies to accompany the growth path with a continuous quest for innovation in machines and processes, always moving the bar higher and forcing the limits to explore new territories and markets.

There are many group synergies: operational synergies through process integration, market synergies through a more extensive worldwide distribution network, synergies aimed at resource efficiency, and above all technological synergies that will lead to the design of new plants and the development of new processes.

Danilo Arzuffi, Founder and CEO of Arzuffi, expressed his confidence in this new challenge. “Becoming part of this ambitious Group is an honor. The experience and flexibility consolidated over more than 30 years will be fundamental to the success of this new project. We are ready for this new challenge, convinced that we will achieve great success through continuous innovation and response to the dynamic needs of the market.”

Arzuffi was assisted by Sovereign Capital Advisory, led by Giacomo Andreoli as exclusive advisor and orginator of the transaction, and by the law and tax firm Lexalia with attorney Domenico Mastrangelo for the legal aspects.

Stay tuned to find out what new innovations and milestones these combined entities will bring to the world of industry and technological innovation.

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