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    Arzuffi, a worldwide leader in high-vacuum coating systems

    Arzuffi is a worldwide leader in metallization processes and high-vacuum coating systems.  For over 30 years, we have been developing systems capable of ensuring cost-effectiveness, increased productivity and finished products of outstanding quality. We use the most advanced technologies for coating all types of materials (ABS, PC, ABS, PA66; glassware, ceramic, leather, wood, metal and many others) and all kinds of geometries, up to the most complex ones.

    Our treatments have both aesthetic and functional purposes and have the ability to increase hardness and abrasion resistance of the metalized surface.  Major fields of application include: automotive, cosmetics, lighting, furniture, fashion, medical, decorative items, decorations, glassware and special applications.

    Sputtering and reactive sputtering, thermal evaporation and plasma treatment are the main high-vacuum deposition technologies employed by our systems. We offer multiple machine configurations, which can be adjusted and personalized according to customer needs.

    Contact us to request the design, construction and installation of a customized high-vacuum metallization system. We operate in Italy and all over the world.



    Since 1986, the year of our foundation, we have been committed to constantly upgrading our technology. We collaborate with the world’s most important OEMs in the automotive sector, which represent the majority of our customers. This has led us to pursue continual improvement while staying ahead of the times and anticipating the needs of a constantly evolving market.


    Green Technology

    Conventional galvanic chrome – plating processes involve the use of hexavalent chromium, a highly toxic and harmful material for both human health and the environment. In this respect, high-vacuum metallization processes represent a great alternative thanks to extremely advanced, ecological and sustainable technologies. Browse the section to learn more about Arzuffi’s Green technology.


    Excellence in a layout

    We can proudly affirm that, up till now, we have installed over 750 machines around the world. Such outstanding results were achieved by working towards a fixed goal: deliver flexible and customized solutions to meet any type of customer demand. Our machines feature a compact and robust layout, and as such, can be easily transported anywhere around the world.













    Sputtering (cathodic sputtering) is a physical vapour deposition process in which a “target” material is converted into vapour and deposited onto a substrate to create a thin film layer. This takes place in a high-vacuum chamber where the target (solid material) is bombarded by energetic ions coming from plasma and atoms are ejected from the surface. These atoms fly towards the substrate and create a thin film coating onto the substrate material.

    The process endows the treated surface with chemical, physical and aesthetic characteristics of unparalleled quality.


    Thermal evaporation

    Thermal evaporation is a common method of PVD application. It consists in heating tungsten filaments where a wire containing the metal material to be deposited (usually aluminium) is placed.  The material is heated to its vaporization point and then condenses on the substrate surfaces. Thermal evaporation is one of the most cost-effective PVD technologies and its major strength lies in the ability to attain a good deposition penetration depth on substrates with complicated geometries.

    Combined Technology

    The range of machinery designed, manufactured and installed by Arzuffi, includes systems capable of combining different technologies. Our solutions, in particular, allow combining two major deposition technologies in a single system: sputtering / reactive sputtering and thermal evaporation. The range of Arzuffi Combi-Met systems also include the following treatment processes: ion discharge, base coat/top coat plasma polymerization, AHC (Arzuffi hard coat) and SiO2.



    Plasma treatment is part of PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) applications, consisting in the creation of protective coatings obtained through the injection of silicone oils (HMDSO) or other gases (ion discharge) that dissociate the molecules by means of the plasma. All this takes place inside a vacuum chamber. Arzuffi systems employ plasma treatments to improve thin film adhesion and protect the treated surface against corrosion and wear.

    Laboratory facilities

    Test-Met is our new series of high vacuum coating systems, ideal for laboratories, R&D, and for the production of small lots. They are energy efficient, compact, and easy to use. These systems are designed and created specifically to perform coatings through evaporation and/or magnetron sputtering and they are flexible when it comes to the dimension of the chamber and planetarium design.









    Designer decorative items

    Optical and medical

    Glass Packaging